Solanco School District building

Solanco School District offices are located at 121 S. Hess St., Quarryville.

When: Solanco school board meeting, June 21, streamed on YouTube.

What happened: District Superintendent Brian Bliss gave a presentation of the new health and safety plan, required by the Department of Education. The new plan, approved by the board for the coming school year, makes masks optional and reduces or eliminates social distancing.

Background: Mask requirements have been a point of contention in the community with protests and complaints from the public in recent months. The governor’s masking order expires June 28.

Quotable: “The plan itself and the requirements are much reduced,” Bliss said.

Why it’s important: Approval of a health and safety plan is one of the items that will be required as part of the audit of Elementary Secondary School Emergency Relief funds.

What happens next: The district will continue enhanced cleaning practices and consider future safety recommendations.

Other happenings: The school board will not hold a meeting in July. Starting Aug. 2, meetings will return to the boardroom with public attendance permitted.

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