When: Solanco school board meeting, June 15.

What happened: School board members formally adopted a $60.2 million budget for the 2020-21 school year. Due to an anticipated revenue decline, the school district is raising property taxes 1.25%.

What it means: The real estate millage rate is currently 10.8251. The new millage rate will be 10.9604. The amount adds $13.53 to an assessed property value of $100,000. Property tax for the average homeowner will increase by $26.94. Solanco’s millage rate is the lowest of 16 Lancaster County school districts, officials said.

Deficit: Although the district projected a $4.5 million deficit, the state is granting the district extra money from COVID-19 funds to close the gap to $2.3 million, an amount the district usually plans for. As revenue increases, the remaining deficit will decline, said district financial manager Sandra Tucker.

Extension: The school board has approved a 30-day extension for residents using a discounted rate to pay their property tax. The period ends Sept. 30. The district business office is considering the creation of a credit card payment system and a secure dropbox option for payment.

Sports: The athletic department presented a plan for sports to return to Solanco. On July 1, athletes may meet in groups of 25 or less. Some practices will be able to resume, similar to small-group instruction. There will be health screenings and limitations of facilities such as locker rooms and the weight room. Equipment will be cleaned both before and after use. Athletes must bring their own water.

What’s next: After Lancaster County is in the green phase or reopening, athletics will return with some moderation.