SDL - McCaskey

A view of McCaskey High School, in the School District of Lancaster.

When: School District of Lancaster board meeting, April 6.

What happened: The board discussed briefly endorsing a resolution that supports a countywide health department — an agency some members said was needed this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic as they grappled with choices that affected the health of more than 10,000 district students.

Quotable: “My question I was just thinking about was ‘would a county health department have helped us in our decision-making process this past year?’” board member Mara Creswell McGrann said. “And I’m not even making a joke. I think I think the answer is yes.”

Background: Last month, Manheim Township passed a resolution calling on Lancaster County commissioners to create a county-level health department. Pennsylvania has six county health departments and four municipal health departments. Manheim Township sent a copy of its resolution to other municipalities in the county asking for their support.

What’s next: The school board is gathering more information and is likely to discuss the county health department issue further at the committee meeting April 13, board President Edith Gallagher said. The public can view the meetings on the district’s website and register to comment.

Other business: The board heard updates on curriculum alignment and 2021-22 budget priorities. No action was taken on the budget.

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