Salisbury Township municipal building

Salisbury supervisors approved materials bids for the township's summer paving program at the their meeting Tuesday, May 6.

When: Supervisors meeting, Oct. 1.

What happened: A Rutter’s convenience store planned at Gap will require changes to traffic signals at Route 772 and the divided Route 30. The board approved a resolution for a highway occupancy permit. PennDOT requires the township to apply and be responsible for the signals, though Supervisor Lester O. Houck said the township has no say in the signals’ design. The lights will be synchronized with each other and with signals just east at Route 41.

Salisbury Township zoning board approves Rutter's convenience store, video gambling machines in Gap

Why it’s important: Gap has seen massive development in recent years. The Houston Run mixed-use campus, relocation of Route 30 westbound, and two Urban Outfitters warehouses have resulted in loss of farmland and more traffic. A historic stone house was razed for the Rutter’s store.

Other business: The board scheduled a conditional use hearing for LS Steel’s fabrication shop on lots 1, 5 and 6 in Houston Run for Tuesday, Nov. 5.