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Studio 2 at Rock Lititz is viewed on the right on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

When: Warwick Township supervisors meeting, July 20.

What happened: The board granted Rock Lititz an eight-month time extension, to April, on one of the next stages of the campus development.

Background: Pod 4 is set to be located across from the existing Pod 5, but there has been delays in constructing the new building. Prospective tenants have not been determined. The Rock Lititz campus consists of Studio 1 and Studio 2 rehearsal studios; Pod 2 with various tenants related to the entertainment and fitness industries; the Rock Lititz Hotel and Per Diem restaurant; Pod 5 with additional tenants; and Mickey’s Black Box event venue.

Letters of credit: The supervisors approved the release of a letter of credit of more than $7,000 for Mickey’s Black Box. Planners have requested a change on the parking lot plan to remove wheel stops that mark parking spaces with a raised barrier. The wheel stops make plowing snow challenging. They also approved the release of a letter of credit for 212 Owl Hill Road and reduction of a letter of credit for Phase I of Warwick Crossing.

Drafts: Supervisors approved advertising the latest draft of stormwater management ordinance revisions. The ordinance is intended to reduce stormwater pollution and improve local water quality. They also approved advertising a draft ordinance on brake retarders, the result of a complaint from a resident of West Newport Road in March. The resident had reported that tractor-trailers were using brake retarders at all hours of the day and night, causing loud noise on Newport Road. A brake retarder is a device that uses pressure created within the engine to lessen the speed of a vehicle. They are most commonly used in commercial semi-tractor-trailer rigs, in order to allow truck drivers to slow vehicles without causing additional wear to the conventional brake system. They often make a loud bellowing noise. The ordinance would regulate the use of brake retarders on East Newport Road from Orchard Road to the Warwick Ephrata Rail Trail crossing, with possible fines ranging from $100 to $1,000.

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