Quarryville Municipal Building

Quarryville Municipal Building

When: Quarryville Borough Council meeting, Sept. 7.

What happened: Borough Council approved a resolution to accept a state grant funding to create an Active Transportation Plan for the borough.

The cost: There are three parts to the funding: $8,000 from the Department of Health; $10,000 from Department. of Conservation and Natural Resources peer grant; and $1,000 in matching funds from the borough.

Why it’s important: The Active Transportation Plan will identify and prioritize areas where improvements can be made to make walking or biking easier and safer. This could include connecting sidewalks where there is a gap or creating new walkways to key destinations such as the Quarryville Library.

What happens next: The borough will hire a consultant to create the plan with input from a review group of residents with a wide range of interests.

Other happenings: Council voted to adopt an ordinance to impose fees on small wireless facilities attached to poles that are within the borough right of way. They also voted to convert the remaining borough streetlights to LED lights. The only lights that will not be changed to LED are the Victorian-style lamps. Council agreed to a new Thanksgiving essay contest for elementary and middle school children who will explain why they are thankful for living in Quarryville.

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