Adamstown 2

Welcome sign on the west end of Adamstown. 

When: Adamstown Borough Council meeting, Sept. 1.

What happened:Police will conduct a second speed study on Willow Street in Adamstown Borough. Mayor John Schmidt said the second study, like the first one, is resident complaint-based. 

Background: Willow Street has a 35 mph speed limit northbound and southbound. Willow Street is a state road and the borough does not have the authority to change the speed limit. At Schmidt’s request, Ephrata Police Department, which patrols Adamstown, conducted a speed study from June 25 through July 1 and concluded that less than 1% of the 4,837 vehicles traveling Willow Street during the study were in violation. The average speed of vehicles traveling southbound on Willow Street was 31 mph. Two accidents on the road during the past two years were not attributed to speed, Schmidt said. 

Discussion: “Normally, it’s accidents that drive change at PennDOT,” said Lt. Chris McKim of Ephrata Police Department. “They want numbers, they want raw data. I don’t believe for a second that crash data is going to support any change.” Council President Randy Good said, “I would agree.” 

What’s next: At the mayor's request, McKim said a second study would be conducted, this time northbound. “If the second speed study does not show a pattern of excessive speeding along Willow Street, I will inform the resident involved that the borough will take no further action,” Schmidt said after the meeting. Residents along Willow Street may petition the state Department of Transportation, stating they oppose the current speed limit, he said.  

Future meetings: Meetings for the rest of the year will be held at the wastewater treatment plant on Swartzville Road.