Earl Township stock photo

The Earl Township municipal building.

When: Supervisors meeting, Oct. 7.

What happened: Roadmaster Lee Zimmerman discussed a letter from Joel Stoltzfus, 227 W. Huyard Road, regarding reducing speed limits on Huyard Road, Hoover Avenue, Reidenbach Road and Tobacco Road. Stoltzfus and 10 residents signed the letter.

Unposted speed: All four of the roads have no posted speed limits. With no posted limit, the commonwealth permits vehicles to travel up to 55 mph. Stoltzfus, a police officer with the New Holland Police Department, says a posted speed of 40 mph would benefit the township. He cited a variety of reasons: the number of pedestrians, bicycles and horse-drawn buggies on these roads; residential driveways with blind spots due to crests and sharp turns in roadway; increased traffic because of drivers avoiding main routes; and similar roads in the township with 40 mph speed limits. He said a reduction in the limit would help officers enforce a safer speed.

Quotable: “Construction, congestion and more traffic lights are all reasons drivers are taking secondary roads and driving at exorbitant speeds. It’s not a good blend for our county culture of bikes and carriages,” said Bill Leighty, New Holland police chief.

Action taken: Supervisors authorized Zimmerman to do a traffic study. If the results determine a reduction in speed limits is needed, the township would adopt an ordinance and post signs. Leighty reassured the supervisors that the police would enforce the limits.

Other business: Supervisors received good news from Zimmerman about the township receiving the Low Volume Road Program Grant from the Lancaster County Conservation District’s Dirt & Gravel/Low Volume Road Quality Assurance Board in the amount of $71,994. The grant is for replacement of an existing stormwater structure across Snapper Drive in the township.