Pequea Township

The Pequea Township Municipal Building. (Jeff Ruppenthal/Sunday News)

When: Pequea supervisors meeting, Nov. 18.

What happened: The board unanimously approved the final land development plan for the first phase of Penn Grant Commons, which calls for the construction of 104 apartment units. Representatives Craig Smith and Randy Hess said the plan is identical to the preliminary plan, and there will be connections to the north side of Penn Grant Road. The driveway at the pumping station will be extended to serve as an emergency access but will not be used as a permanent access.

Why it’s important: One board member raised concerns about retention basins because of problems in neighboring Manchester Village, which was developed in the 1980s and continues to have issues with excess water and mosquito infestation. Hess said there will be some sediment during construction but less runoff when the project is complete. Smith explained that geology testing was done even before the project was even designed and there are no drainage issues, as the stormwater areas are fairly shallow.

Quotable: “Under today's stormwater methods, Manchester (Village) would have never happened,” Smith said.

Audit: The board passed a resolution approving the firm RKL to conduct the 2020 audit, which will probably take place in January.

Hearing: The board set a hearing date of Dec. 16 for the enforcement of brake-retarder prohibition in several new locations along Route 272 and Baumgardner Road. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently approved signs in these areas.

Other happenings: The board approved a snow removal contract with resident Tom Haas, who will plow areas such as Second Lock Road, Bean Road and Leaman Road at the roadmaster’s discretion.