Penn Township building zonepic

Penn Township offices, located at 97 N. Penryn Road, Manheim.

When: Penn Township supervisors meeting, July 11.

What happened: Township officials responded to a request from a staff member to beef up security at Cedar Hollow Park following recent incidents of vandalism at the restrooms. Public works director Daryl Lefever, whose department inspects the restrooms on Monday morning, shared a photo from the latest incident in which a fire was started from a big roll of toilet paper.

Also: Lefever discussed other incidents of bathroom vandalism requiring cleanup of slushies thrown against the walls and general disrepair from people hanging on doors so they don’t shut properly. The worst damage occurs when a rubber gasket is yanked out from a urinal.

Quotable: “Fortunately, they’re not busting stuff up,” Lefever said. “But if you let it alone, kids will be kids.”

What’s next: Supervisors say they will look into installing camera equipment — possibly something with a time stamp. Lefever noted public restrooms are required in public parks and cannot simply be locked up. The bathrooms currently have timer locks.

Regional EMS authority hearing: The board voted to advertise notice of a public hearing Aug. 31 for the proposed incorporation of a joint municipal authority to administer emergency medical services on behalf of Elizabethtown, Manheim and Marietta boroughs; and Clay, Conoy, East Donegal, Mount Joy, Penn, Rapho and West Donegal townships. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at Chiques Church, 4045 Sunnyside Road, Manheim.

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