Penn Township building

When: Penn supervisors meeting, June 8

What happened: After a conditional use hearing, supervisors voted to approve a new decision changing conditional use approval for the demolition of a historic building at 635 W. Lexington Road, Lititz.

Background: The applicant, Noah W. Kreider & Sons LLP, had requested permission from the township in February to demolish the 1880s log cabin building, arguing that it was in poor condition. Faced with little evidence of this argument, the board had ruled Feb. 24 that as a condition of approval, the applicant would have to reassemble the entire building elsewhere. This new approval gets rid of that condition.

Prior ruling: A February decision document from the township explains the board’s position this way: “(The applicant) elected to present no evidence at the hearing that the Historic Structure was unsound prior to applicant commencing to demolish it.”

New hearing testimony: Testimony at the June 8 hearing included input from Lloyd Weiler, of Weiler Log Homes in Manheim; Dean Brandt, of Sylvan Brandt LLC in Lititz; and David Abel, of Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown. Testimony showed that the reassembly of the structure would be impractical due to deterioration of the corners of the beams.

Quotable: “They took it seriously this time,” said Township Manager Mark Hiester, explaining that the board’s reversal had to do with seeing more evidence of the building’s problems.

Next steps: The old wooden parts of the original log cabin structure have value and will be repurposed by buyers in a process to be determined.