Penn Township building

When: Supervisors meeting, Oct. 13.

What happened: Township supervisors reported the status of some key grants for stormwater management changes and other environmental improvements pending with state and federal agencies.

Why it’s important: Pennsylvania’s municipal stormwater management program involves finding and incentivizing ways to curb pollution flowing into the Chesapeake Bay from local waterways. Some of the township’s solutions involve dealing with sediment runoff that occurs in local creeks and streams.

Grants: Township planner Jennifer Brady said staff met with third-party consultants late last month to talk about opportunities for Penn Township to acquire so-called MS4 credits from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for agricultural best practices, including no-till farming. A potential $200,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is also pending. Two other grants Brady mentioned are applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency: One is related to building resilient infrastructure and communities, while the other relates to flood mitigation assistance.

Quotable: “We sent in a previous document with an incorrect box checked but have since fixed it. Awaiting further guidance,” said Brady, with regard to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant.

Next steps: Grant applications will continue to wind their way through various agency approvals.