Farmland (copy)

Lancaster County farmland off Route 741 in Paradise Township.

When: Paradise Township supervisors meeting, Feb. 18.

What happened: The board voted against making a contribution to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force until the township’s questions are addressed.

Background: Before the vote, the township had received a letter from District Attorney Heather Adams requesting an annual donation to the drug task force. Municipal contributions would be used to help fund the salaries of drug task force officers. This year, the task force asked for $5,131 from Paradise Township.

Why it matters: Supervisors said their questions pertain to drug task force staff changes, a potential tax increase and how the task force will handle its “funding crisis” moving forward, board Chairman Adam Bills said.

Quotable: “Right now, the county commissioners are not able to answer the township’s questions,” Bills said. “Maybe if we get these answers, we can reconsider this, but I don’t think it’s inappropriate for us to get some answers before we just start handing out money.”

What’s next: Supervisors will await further details from Lancaster County Commissioners.

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