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When: Octorara area school board meeting, Feb. 15, via Zoom.

What happened: District Superintendent Michele Orner told the board about the new winter weather remote learning plan she had posted on the district website earlier in the day.

Background: There are four snow days built into the current school year calendar, and three of them have been used. If the last snow day is used, students will take part in the winter weather remote learning plan, so those days will count as regular learning days. These days are different from the synchronous remote learning days planned as the school addressed the pandemic. The winter remote days are independent learning that can review, reinforce or enrich prior learning. New learning will be reinforced during the next live class meeting. Because of the possibility of power or internet outages, students will have three days to complete the assignments.

Why it’s important: Using the winter weather remote learning plan can help the district avoid extending the school year. This year, the last student day is scheduled for June 16.

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