Octorara School District zonepic

The Octorara Area School District sign at Route 41 and Highland Road.

When: Octorata Area school board meeting, in person and via Zoom, May 9.

What happened: The board will have to find a new meeting place for June and July while renovations are being done to the multipurpose room at the Octorara Junior-Senior High School. Additionally, the board must decide if they will continue Zoom meetings.

Background: For several years, Octorara school board meetings were livestreamed for viewing by the public who could not attend in person. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the board stopped livestreaming and began to hold meetings by Zoom. As conditions changed and meetings are again being held in person, the board has continued the Zoom option for viewers. Public comment periods have included an option for Zoom viewers to participate.

Why it’s important: Superintendent Michele Orner suggested board meetings be temporarily moved to the cafeteria at the Primary Learning Center building. Board member Brian Norris suggested she explore the possibility of holding meetings at off-campus locations in the community such as libraries or public buildings.

What happens next: Locations for the June and July meetings will be announced when a decision is made. The board will also announce if they will be continuing Zoom meetings after June or going back to livestreaming.

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