Mount Joy Borough office

The Mount Joy Borough office

When: Council meeting, Sept. 9.

What happened: A Mount Joy Borough police officer proposed reinstating a K-9 unit to the police force.

Why it matters: Officer Daniel M. Gordon told council the purpose of using K-9s would be to have the dogs detect different drugs, ensure the safety of human officers and to track missing people, including people with dementia who have wandered off. Other uses are to pursue culprits, clear buildings, locker searches and community policing.

Next steps: If council approves the proposal, dogs will go through a 12-week training program and then another 4-week training course with their assigned officer. Every year the handler and dog will be reexamined. The handler takes on all responsibility for the K-9 in terms of housing, care and training. Council stressed the preliminary nature of the proposal and that further discussion will look at finances and customized vehicles needed to accommodate the K-9.

Other business: Council agreed to authorize its manager to look into rerouting Route 772. The state highway enters the borough from the south on Marietta Avenue, which goes northeast, then makes a sharp turn to double back and go west on Main Street for a short distance before going north on Manheim Street to the borough limits. Under a motion approved by the Public Safety Committee, Borough Manager Samuel Sulkosky will ask Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to have Route 772 enter the borough from the south on Union School Road, then follow Angle Street north until it reaches Main Street, then take Main Street east until it gets to Manheim Street, after which it would follow its current route to the northern borough limits.