Mount Joy building

The Mount Joy Borough office is pictured in this May 2013 photo.

When: Council meeting, Jan. 6.

What happened: Council reelected its leaders and installed two new council members during its annual reorganization meeting. William Hall was reelected president with Brian Youngerman as vice president and Joshua Deering as president pro tem. Dominic Castaldi and Bob Rusche were elected to replace David Fuerstacke and Jon Millar. David Eichler, Mary Ginder, Michael Reese, LuAnn Fahndrich and continue on council and Tim Bradley as mayor.

Police pension fund: A motion to reduce employee contributions to the police pension plan was passed with Youngerman dissenting, objecting to the use of the word “actuarial” in the motion.

Development grant: The Main Street Mount Joy organization received a $50,000 grant from the state Department of Community & Economic Development to be used to renovate both business and residential building exteriors in the borough.

Police chief contract: Police Chief Maurice Williams’ contract, which expired at the end of 2019, was extended to his upcoming retirement on July 1.