Martic Township

A sign on the lawn identifies Martic Township Municipal Building.

When: Supervisors meeting, Dec. 2.

What happened: The board voted 3-0 to finalize the 2020 township budget, with supervisors Carl T. Drexel and Donald Snyder absent.

Balancing the budget: Total expenditures are projected at $1.15 million, while expected gross income will be $1.19 million. The municipal tax of 0.51 mills, which remains unchanged, equates to $102 for a property assessed at $200,000.

Rainy day funds: Martic expects to post a surplus of $42,200 for the 2019 fiscal year, which they have planned to save for future building upgrades and any unforeseen maintenance costs that may arise.

Concerns: The surplus may be a net positive, but the struggle continues for local municipalities like Martic Township. Interest income on township investments has been cut from 5% to 2%-3%, board Chairman Duane Sellers said, prompting the continuation of the local municipal tax. State mandates and federal regulations have also put a financial burden on the rural municipality when it comes to stormwater management and infrastructure. Martic has positioned itself to complete any state or federally mandated task within the newly approved budget, Sellers said.

Other business: The Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project presented its Young Lungs at Play initiative to board members. The initiative aims at creating tobacco-free environments in public parks, playgrounds and recreational areas. According to the state Department of Health, 1,131 communities have taken part in the program that provides signage and support for communities that take part.

What’s next: Discussions on the tobacco-free program were tabled until the Jan 6 supervisors meeting.