Marietta aerial

This aerial photo shots part of the Borough of Marietta with East Donegal Township in the background.

When: Marietta Borough Council meeting, Jan. 12.

What happened: Susquehanna Regional Police Department is searching for a new chief of police to replace Charles Haugh. Marietta Mayor Harold Kulman is a member of the commission that is in the process of hiring a new chief. Kulman mentioned the commission had received  applications, but he declined to comment further about the police chief position after the meeting. Others contacted, including the chief, did not immediately respond to inquiries. Haugh is listed as chief on the police department’s website.

Why it matters: Susquehanna Regional serves Marietta Borough, Conoy Township and East Donegal Township. Marietta’s budget contribution for 2021 was $538,000. SRPD has a chief, lieutenant, sergeant, two investigators, 11 full-time and two part-time officers, and two civilian staff members.

Police commission: The commission has received 40 resumes from qualified individuals seeking the position. They have applications from SRPD members, as well as outsiders, Kulman said during the meeting. The tough decision will be  made in the next couple months, Kulman said.

Also: Council heard year-end fire police and zoning reports from fire police Capt. Steve Bailey and the zoning officer Tom Arnold. Fire police recorded 141 calls in 2020, down 22 from 2019. There were 77 zoning permits issued in 2020, up 36 from 2019. Arnold said borough officials are working toward cleaning up blighted properties, reminding residents of snow removal and keeping property addresses visible in case of emergency. 

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