Marietta aerial

This aerial photo shots part of the Borough of Marietta with East Donegal Township in the background.

When: Council meeting, Sept. 10.

What happened: Council approved plans for a development of 150 apartments and 22 townhouses on a 9-acre area of former industrial land at the west end of the borough.

Why it’s important: Council President Glen Mazis said redeveloping the area will be a major boost to the borough. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the borough has 1,167 housing units; the new development will boost that figure by more than 14%. It will also increase property tax revenues; Mazis said the Donegal School District will get about $205,000 more a year and the borough about $77,000.

Trails: The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail already goes through Marietta Borough, but it is between the Susquehanna River and a set of active railroad tracks. Mazis said the developer of the apartments and townhouses, Rail Trail Partners LLC, has agreed to build another trail on the other side of the tracks, giving trail users the option of going into the main part of town.

Aesthetics: Mazis said the new construction will have a facade that blends in with the surrounding architecture. The apartment buildings on Market Street will be designed so they look like separate homes from the street.

Previous use: The land had previously been an industrial area. Among other things, there was a pallet factory in the area until it was destroyed in a 2015 fire.

Next steps: Mazis said construction could start as soon as November.

Other business: Council decided to delay action on a new agreement with Conoy and East Donegal townships for the Susquehanna Regional Police Department, noting that negotiations with the officers’ labor union were still continuing.