Manheim Township municipal building

Manheim Township municipal building.

When: Manheim Township commissioners meeting, Oct. 11.

What happened: The board appointed members to the new, temporary stormwater management task force that will meet monthly until April 12, 2022.

Why it matters: According to the Manheim Township website, “the purpose of this task force is to conduct research and present the Board of Commissioners with information and advice on the best course of action for Manheim Township in regards to stormwater management permit regulations, community stormwater improvement projects and the potential introduction of a stormwater management utility (with a fee).”

Who’s who: Task force members are Samuel M. Mecum, representing the commissioners; Jeffrey E. Swinehart, the Manheim Township Planning Commission; Benton Webber, the General Municipal Authority; Brenda Kauffman, the Sustainability Advisory Committee; Nelson L. Rohrer, the Agriculture/Farm Advisory Committee; and Thomas Koch, Manheim Township School District.

Details: Five more members will be appointed, perhaps by the next regular meeting on Oct. 25. Two will represent Manheim Township businesses. One each will represent a faith-based organization, a nonprofit and a retirement community. They need not be Manheim Township residents. To learn more or to serve on the task force, go to

Quotable: “We encourage people to step up,” said Mecum, board vice president.

New hire: Township Manager/Secretary James Drumm announced that the board has hired Barbara Beare to serve as the township’s human resources director, beginning Oct. 20. The former and first director, Steve Schlegel, recently left the position after three years. Beare previously served for 11 years as director of human resources for Homespire Remodeling Group, Lewisberry. She received a master’s degree in public administration from Penn State University in 2007.

Executive sessions: Drumm also announced that the board met in executive sessions on Sept. 28 to discuss a combined sewer system with Lancaster city, and on Oct. 4 and Oct. 8 to discuss legal and personnel issues.

Public safety: The board acknowledged a traffic and engineering study for a “Watch Children” sign at a playground on Hillcrest Avenue, off New Holland Pike, near Mission Road, and agreed to ask the township solicitor to prepare an ordinance to allow the sign.

Manheim Township Public Library: The recent book sale raised $21,600.

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