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Stehli Silk Mill's expansive grounds used to be home to gardens and fountains as well as the factory. 

When: Commissioners meeting, Sept. 9.

What happened: The board heard about stormwater woes from a Manheim Township businessman and a complaint of trash around the dilapidated Stehli Silk Mill from a resident.

At issue: David Adamson, who owns Aspen Home Improvement, 2653 Lititz Pike, said when it rains, all the water from the road and the nearby schools runs over Duke Street and down a private road between his business and his neighbor’s “like a river.” He said the water goes down a drain behind a house, from where one would assume it would go to the sewer, but instead it comes out and runs between the two buildings.

Quotable: “Where’s the water supposed to go?” he asked, as he implored the township to reroute the water so the road won’t wash away.

Commissioner responds: Board President Albert Kling said the road belongs to the state, which rules on stormwater there.

What’s next: After the meeting, Adamson said he plans to meet with a township representative to see if there’s anything “we can do together.”

Stehli Silk Mill: Julie and Mike Rudisill, of Grandview Boulevard, asked if anything can be done about the trash, broken windows and abandoned vehicles parked at the former Stehli mill complex on Martha Avenue.

Manager responds: Township Manager-Secretary Sean Molchany said he will look into the complaint, but if the vehicles’ registrations are valid, there’s nothing he can do.

Potential solution: Baltimore-based developer Larry Silverstein, who is known for revitalizing old buldings, bought the large, empty Stehli complex for $2.5 million, LNP reported in July.

Other business: The board awarded a contract for stormwater improvements to Construction Masters Services LLC, for $194,715, with inlet repairs at 255 Butler Ave., 2816 Old Orchard Road, 1441 Sunset Drive, Eden Road and Shreiner Station Road; and stormwater/roadway drainage improvements at Old Delp Road, Bushong Road/Riveredge Drive, Kissel Hill Road and Hampton Lane.

Grandview development: In a 4-1 vote, the board approved Charter Homes’ subdivision plan for four more single-family detached homes on Edgemoor Court in Grandview Heights, bringing the total to 17 homes in the cul de sac. Commissioner David Heck voted no.