Manheim to repair its square

Manheim's Market Square with gazebo as seen in May 2013.

When: Council meeting Aug. 13.

What happened: The L-shaped private road that runs from Scout Alley to Hazel Street was named Baron Way.

Why it’s important: The private road is part of the parent dropoff route for the new Baron Elementary School. It was given a name for emergency services purposes.

Related discussion: Located at 123 E. Gramby St., the school will welcome students on Monday, Aug. 26. Since Baron Way will be accessed by Scout Alley, Mayor Scot Funk asked if Scout Alley could be moved up on the priority list for street plowing. Generally alleys are plowed, but they’re usually done after streets are plowed. Funk suggested that Scout Alley be plowed when other streets at the school are done. Borough Manager Jim Fisher said he will mention it to the public works department.

Other matters: Council agreed to have the Shade Tree Commission work with the borough’s solicitor to draft a measure regarding street trees. Council member Jean Gates, chair of the Shade Tree Commission, said the commission has a plan to beautify an area it has named the business district. The area includes Market Square, one block north and south of the square and a half-block east and west of the square.

How it will work: They plan to work in cooperation with property owners to focus on greening the area by using the commission’s budgeted funds to grind out stumps, prepare sidewalks, plant trees, and trim and thin trees as needed.

Response: John Ralston, the owner of Exquisite Angles Salon, 36 Market Square, said he wants to be sure businesses remain visible from the street. Funk said he’d like to be sure the trees have roots that grow downward rather than shallow roots that spread. Gates said trees that would be planted are considered street trees.

Quotable: “I love trees, but I want people to be able to see businesses from the street. I’d like to know how big the canopy of the trees would be,” Ralston said.

Other business: Council approved a request from St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, 50 N. Main St., for street closures from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. during Fall Fest, Sunday, Sept. 29. During that time Kready Alley will be closed from Main to Hart Street and Hart Street will be closed from Kready Alley to Danner Alley.