stoner barn 3

Outdoor seating at Stoner Grille.

When: Commissioners meeting, Aug 12.

What happened: Tamara Pohle, of Foxshire Drive, spoke about what she called loud music and inebriated guests at Stoner Grille’s Stonerstock — as in Woodstock — event held from noon to 10 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays this summer. About eight residents who live near the pub in the township-owned Overlook Park attended the meeting in support of Pohle.

Comment: “I want to hear the cicadas,” said Pohl, who asked about a noise ordinance.

Police chief’s comments: Chief Thomas Rudzinski said the weekend music began in May and occurred once in awhile but is now more frequent and louder. “It’s all the time,” Rudzinski said. He said the ordinance said the noise law applies any time of day, and if noise is unreasonable it’s a violation. Pub owner Gene Pelland was cited on July 26, he said.

Owner's son weighs in: Dave Pelland apologized for the music. “We want to make changes, we want to find common ground,” he said. “The music is important, but so are the neighbors.”

Pohle’s response: “It’s a conflict of interest to have this type of venue serving alcohol in a public park at noon.”

Commissioner’s comment: David Heck said he was shocked to hear the music on Amity Drive, off West Roseville Road near Hess Boulevard.

Conclusion: Board President Albert Kling said the board would give the residents and the Pellands “some time to work it out, but all these people have the right to not have music to that degree.”

Fire company donation: Fire Chief Rick Kane announced that Brethren Village donated $16,000 to the department, which will be put toward the purchase of two pieces of equipment.

New school: The board approved a preliminary/final land development plan for Eagle View Amish School, 234 Bushong Road. Contacted after the meeting, Dan King, of Keystone Construction, said he hoped the school, with a capacity for 30 students, would be open by the end of the month.

New street signs: The board approved pedestrian warning signs on East Petersburg Road a sign at Viscount Place to remind motorists it is not a through street.