When: Little Britain supervisors meeting, Sept. 8.

What happened: The board held a public hearing to include a residentially zoned property in the township’s Agricultural Security Area but made no decision. The designation offers protection from nuisance laws related to farm uses and may qualify for lower interest rates when applying for federal loans.

Background: Judith Shoemaker requested the hearing on her application. Typically, applicants opt to submit the application and wait the time limit of 180 days without action, after which it is deemed approved.

n Why it’s important: The 16-acre property at 305 Nottingham Road is zoned R-1. Shoemaker was granted a variance to use the site for her veterinary practice. The parcel also is being used for hay production, angora goats and other livestock. The township planning commission and ag security committee both declined to recommend approval or denial of the application.

What happens next: The hearing was delayed to give the supervisors time to read documents submitted in support of the application as well as the variance approvals on the property from 2005 and 2017 as well as the township’s comprehensive plan. They will reconvene for deliberation and decision at 7 p.m. on Sept. 29.

Other happenings: Supervisors appointed Laurie Topper to fill a vacancy on the township zoning hearing board. A vacancy remains on the township planning commission created by the Aug. 10 death of longtime commission member Jim Bullitt.

— Marcella Peyre-Ferry,

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