Little Britain Township building

When: Little Britain Township Supervisors reorganization and regular meeting, Jan. 4.

What happened: Township supervisors gave their support to residents’ complaints about the safety of the intersection of Black and Little Britain roads.

Background: On Dec. 14, there was a collision between a horse and buggy and a trash truck at the intersection that killed three children and injured four others. About 10 years ago, the township asked for improvements to the intersection where a hump in the road contributes to visibility issues. Supervisor Jerry Emling recalled meeting with state Department of Transportation representatives at the intersection with a plan for improvements at the township’s expense. But PennDOT, which has authority over the state-owned roads, declined the proposal.

Quotable: “We knew that intersection was a problem and we wanted it fixed,” Township Secretary Margaret DeCarolis said.

Why it’s important: A new investigation is underway following the fatalities. The township  has a letter of support from Wakefield Ambulance company and is writing to other organizations and elected officials for their support as well.

What happens next: The township encourages residents to write to their state representatives as well as PennDOT to request improvements to the intersection.

Reorganization: At the first meeting of each new year, municipalities are required to reorganize. There were no changes in board positions, with Emling remaining chair and Clark Coates staying in the position of vice chair. Township meetings for the remainder of the year will be held on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m.

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