Leacock Township building

The Leacock Township building.

When: Leacock Township supervisors, Nov. 16.

What happened: The board approved a preliminary budget for 2021 with no tax increase.

Overview: Under its proposed budget, the township projects revenues of $1.45 million in 2021, up 0.78% from 2020, and predicts $1.36 million in expenses, down 2.58% from the current year. The $36,240 drop in expenses is attributed to a $71,830 decrease in repairs and maintenance services. This amount was reserved for a roof replacement and skylight installation at the municipal building in 2020, said board Chairperson Frank Howe.

Public services: Supervisors expect to spend $419,284 on highway maintenance. The township will earmark $322,356 for bridge repairs, $48,858 for machinery, $25,270 for signs and signals, $12,300 for inclement weather and $10,500 for general services. The board has no major road projects planned for 2021.

Emergency services: Gordonville and Intercourse fire companies, which provide the majority of township fire coverage, will both receive $10,000, same as the current year. Police coverage is provided by state police at no cost to the township.

Other expenditures: Additionally, the township will contribute $10,000 for the Pequea Valley Public Library, $10,000 for Leacock Township Park and $10,000 for Intercourse Civic Park.

Revenues: The township will collect roughly $160,278 in real estate tax revenue. The tax rate is set at 0.3168 mills. Taxpayers who own a property assessed at $100,000 would pay $31 in municipal taxes yearly. The township will also accrue about $550,000 in earned income tax revenue.

What’s next: The board will vote to adopt the budget Dec. 21. Prior to its adoption, the proposed 2021 budget will be available for review at the municipal building.