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Conestoga Valley School District Board of Directors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13 via Zoom. For virtual meeting information, visit

Among the agenda items:

— Commentary on district activity: (a) Board commendations; (b) superintendent’s comments; (c) correspondence - secretary; (d) board comments; (e) student representative report; (f) annual report from Buckskin Activity Alliance.

— Public/professional/staff input: (a) Student input — student report, Gerald G. Huesken Middle School; (b) comments CVEA; (c) comments from other employee groups; (d) public comments.

— Consent agenda: (a) approval of minutes from Nov. 8 and 15; (b) approval of financial reports; (c) approval of superintendent’s report involving personnel recommendations; (d) approval of first reading of district policies — Policy 005 meeting, Policy 617 petty cash, Policy 618 student activity accounts funds, Policy 619 audit services and Policy 620 fund balance and debt management; (e) approval of second (and final) reading of District Policies — Policy 610 bidding of products and services, Policy 611 purchasing, Policy 614 payroll authorization and Policy 616 payment of bills; (f) approval of UDS service dog contracts for high school and Brownstown Elementary School; (g) approval to acknowledge receipt of PlanCon Part H for the new Gerald G. Huesken Middle School; (h) approval of bank account depositories and authorized signers.

— Action/discussion agenda: (a) Approval of engagement letter for construction schedule; (b) change orders for the Gerald G. Huesken Middle School; (c) additional services authorization No. 4 with K&W Designing Environments; (d) budget — debt service, community factors, staffing requests, three-year technology replacement plan and capital Items; (e) appointments of architect for renovation of Leola Elementary School; (f) appointment of board liaison assignments.

— Information agenda: (a) Finance and operation report; (b) curriculum and instruction report; (c) federal funds.

— Board reports: (a) IU13 reports; (b) PSBA reports; (c) Lancaster County Academy; (d) Lancaster County Career & Technology Center; (e) construction team update.


The East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors will meet at in-person and virtually at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15, at the municipal building, 1700 Nissley Road, Landisville. Zoom link info:; by phone 1-646-558-8656 or 1-301-715-8592; using meeting id: 898 9370 2800, passcode 951511.

Among the agenda items:

— Public hearing: Tequila Mexican Grill, 205A Rohrerstown Road, liquor license transfer; zoning ordinance amendment related to permitted, special exception and conditional uses.

— Consent agenda: (a) Department reports — golf, public works, development services, police, EMC, fire; (b) Landisville railroad bulk food transfer (21-16.01) SW Plan — establish financial security and stormwater maintenance & inspection fees; (c) Stauffer Property (18-10.03) final plan — Approve curb and sidewalk deferment agreement, O&M agreement, and memorandum of understanding, establish financial security and stormwater maintenance and inspection fees; (d) Lime Spring Square Phase 6 (Lots 2 & 12) — 6 month time extension to record the plans; (e) treasurer’s report for December covering all funds; (f) invoices from all funds covering Dec. 4-17; (g) approval of minutes Dec. 1.

— Action items: (a) Tequila Mexican Grill, 205A Rohrerstown Road liquor license transfer, resolution No. 2021-51; (b) zoning ordinance amendments related to permitted, special exceptions and conditional uses — ordinance No. 2021-12; (c) Mavis Tire, 1655 Columbia Ave. and Princeton Avenue, modification and final plan; (d) PennDot signature resolution 2021-52 to authorize signature on the sidewalk maintenance agreement for Church Street; (e) Centerville Road widening — agreement between the township and Norfolk Southern for railroad crossing widening/improvements; (f) 2022 meeting schedule; (g) 2022 nonuniformed employee holiday schedule.


Hempfield School District School Board will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14, at the administration building, public board room, 200 Church St., Landisville. Among the agenda items:

— District’s health and safety plan.


Lancaster City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14, in council chambers, City Hall annex, 120 N. Duke St., Marion St. entrance.

Among the agenda items:

— Proclamations, honors, awards and resolutions of recognition: Council Resolution No. 59-2021, condemning antisemitism; Council Resolution No. 60-2021, eulogizing recently deceased city councilors.

— Reports of Committees of Council meetings held Dec. 6: (1) Public Safety Committee — Councilor Garcia-Molina; (2) Public Works Committee — Councilor Soto; (3) Economic Development Committee — Councilor Arroyo; (4) Finance Committee — Councilor Bakay; (5) Community Planning Committee — Councilor Craig; (6) Personnel Committee — Councilor Diaz.

— Legislative agenda: (a) Nominations for appointment — consider nominations for appointment to the City Revitalization & Improvement Zone Authority; Noise Control Board; Housing Authority; Human Relations Commission; Higher Education Authority; Historical Architectural Review Board; and Planning Commission; (b) historic district — consider the following applications and recommendations from the Historical Architectural Review Board for improvements to properties within the historic district: (1) Esh Custom Homes, owner of 535-537 Church St. (rear), requests partial demolition of a one-story brick garage facing Howard Avenue; (2) Cedric D. Steiner, owner of 318 E. Orange St., requests removal of a modern brick planting bed and reconstruction of the front entry steps; (c) ordinances for first reading — Administration Bill No. 26-2021, appropriating American Rescue Plan; Administration Bill No. 27-2021, appropriating funds from the general fund to the internal service fund; (d) resolutions — Administration Resolution No. 61-2021 amending the sewer control plan to include the project at 342-344 W. Orange St.; Council Resolution No. 62-2021 appointing Christopher Aviles to the zoning hearing board; Council Resolution No. 63-2021 appointing Michaela Allwine to the zoning hearing board; Council Resolution No. 64-2021 appointing Whitney Davis as an alternate member of the zoning hearing board.


The Lancaster City Planning Commission will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15, in the City Hall Chambers, City Hall Annex, at 120 North Duke Street.

Among the agenda items:

— Subdivision and land development: (a) No impact land development for 847 S. Prince St., Andy Groen, owner, and developer, proposes to convert approximately 1,250 square feet of existing commercial space into two one-bedrooms by demolishing the existing space and reconstructing it within the same footprint area; (b) final subdivision plan for 119 N. Pine St. and a request for modification to the following sections — (1)§ 265-26D (3) (L). Topography; (2) § 265-26D (5) City Datum; (3) § 265-33M (1). street trees; (c) sketch plan presentation for 33-40 W. King St.

— Redevelopment Authority of City of Lancaster (RACL), is requesting the planning commission to make a recommendation on proper reuse of the property at 808 N. Ann St.


The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center’s Joint Operating Committee will meet at 7 p.m., Monday, Dec. 13, at the Willow Street campus, 1730 Hans Herr Dr., Willow Street.

Among the agenda items:

— Approval of agenda.

— Introduction of new members.

— Superintendent’s report: PAC meeting held on Nov. 9.

— Director’s report.

— Personnel committee: Recommendations for approval of resignations, appointments, and transfers; approval of mentor, extra duty and job description.

— Building and Property Committee: Updates on facility projects; approval of building and property committee report.

— Planning and Development Committee: Approval of noncommercial driving program; information items — enrollment 2021-2022, secondary program review, WHY, approved program evaluation review, equipment grants (supplemental and competitive), open house and field trips, approval of planning and development committee report.

— Finance Committee: Budget presentation, financial reports, permission to purchase/bid, approval of — transportation contracts, Lions Club 2022-2024 FINAL lease, management agreement, credit card authorized user, PennDOT authorized signer, send proposed 2022-23 general fund budget to districts for review and vote, transportation contract increase of 2.41% (average of district increases), updated bus driver List, reappointment of Kegel, Litts & Lord as solicitor and bond counsel, transfer to general fund to close out ePrint Center production account, 2020-21 district reconciliation of funds, approval of finance committee report.

— Policy committee: Second read and approval of policies.

— New business: New board member orientation, winter or spring joint operating committee member retreat, joint operating committee committee changes/GAC representative, providing Vaccination information to students and staff.

— The next scheduled meeting of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center Joint Operating Committee will be held on Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Brownstown Campus.

 Lancaster County Planning

The Lancaster County Planning Commission will meet at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13, at 150 N. Queen St., Binns Park Annex, First Floor LCPC Rooms 102/104. Online:; call (312) 584-2401, code: 1696302#

Among the agenda items:

— New planning matters: (a) summary, Dean Severson, Director for Planning Services; (b) community planning reviews — (1) No. 1-53, Adamstown Borough, proposed rezoning of land identified as 227 Adamstown Road from mixed use (MU) district to medium density residential (R-2) district; (2) No. 46-152, Mount Joy Township — proposed rezoning of a tract of land held of record by Giuseppe Ferrarelli and Vita Ferrarelli on 933 Campus Road from institutional district (IN) to medium density residential district (R-2); (c) subdivision and land development items — (1) No. 72-106B, Green Leaf Plants Expansion, East Lampeter Township; (2) No. 84-168-2, Levi K. Glick, Providence Township and Eden Township; (3) No. 84-370-2D, Woodcrest Villa-Phase IV, East Hempfield Township; (4) No. 88-303-6, Barry’s Car Barn-expansion, Leacock Township; (5) No. 91-136-1B, White Horse Business Center, Salisbury Township; (6) No. 96-69-1C, Creekside subdivision open space ‘B’, Providence Township; (7) No. 17-57A, Salem United Methodist Church, Manheim Borough; (8) No. 19-42-1, Avery Square, Penn Township; (9) No. 20-51A, 620 Sycamore Drive, West Hempfield Township; (10) 21-44, 1792 Lincoln Highway East, East Lampeter Township

— Next scheduled meeting Monday, Jan. 10, at 2:30 p.m.


The Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13, at the municipal building, 1240 Maple Ave.

Among the agenda items:

— Public hearing to consider Ord2021-05, zoning ordinance text amendment, as advertised in LNP on Nov. 22 and Nov. 29.

n Regular meeting: Secretary’s report, treasurer’s report, payment of bills, other reports.

— Announcements: Dec. 13-20 final dates to put leaves out for collection, see for complete details for your area; woody waste facility to provide limited winter hours, see for complete details; office closed Thursday, Dec. 23, Friday, Dec. 24 and Friday, Dec. 31; no change to trash/recycle collection for week of Dec. 20 and week of Dec. 27; Dec. 26-Jan. 14, dawn to dusk, drop of real Christmas trees (no decorations/bags) at woody waste facility available; Jan 10-13, free week for curbside collection of real Christmas trees (no decorations/bags) on regular collection day, artificial trees require $4 red tag; board reorganization/regular meeting Mon. Jan 3, 6 p.m.; board of auditors meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 5:30 p.m.

— Planning and zoning business: The board will act on the following: a request to alter an historic resource at 321 President Ave. with renovations and additions; acknowledge receipt of time extension until Feb 14, for 321 N. President Ave. SWM site plan; acknowledge receipt of time extension until March 18 for Southern Village Phase IV.

— New business: The board will act on the following requests — adoption of Ord2021-04 authorizing entering into memorandum of understanding for Blue/Green Project; memorandum of understanding for Little Conestoga Creek Blue/Green Corridor Project; Res2021-12 tax levy for fiscal year 2022; Res2021-13 annual budget for 2022; Res2021-14 balance of accounts for fiscal year 2021.


Manheim Township Commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13, at the Manheim Township Public Library, 595 Granite Run Dr. More information and meeting link to attend remotely, visit

Among the agenda items:

— Public hearings/presentations/appointments: (a) Manheim Township Ambulance Association monthly report; (b) police department monthly report; (c) fire rescue monthly report; (d) resolution 2021-64 appointing Benjamin Barnhart to the position of Firefighter/EMT with Manheim Township Fire Rescue; (e) Resolution 2021-65 appointing Christopher Furlong to the position of Firefighter/EMT with Manheim Township Fire Rescue; (f) resolution 2021-66 Appointing Mason Rampulla to the position of Firefighter/EMT with Manheim Township Fire Rescue; (g) Resolution 2021-67 appointing Nathan Quinn to the position of Firefighter/EMT with Manheim Township Fire Rescue; (h) Issue oaths of office

— Old business: (a) Grandview Strand — preliminary subdivision and land development Plan, 1251 New Holland Pike, zoned B-1, R-3, T-4 & T-1 overlay, extension of time request; (b) motion — amend the license/joint venture agreement with Stoners Barn and Restaurant, LLC.

— New business: (a) Consent agenda: (1) 1450 Manheim Pike — 7-Eleven preliminary/final land development plan, zoned B-4 & D-R overlay, extension of time request; (2) Worthington Planned Residential Development, Phase II — final subdivision and land development plan, Oregon Pike, zoned R-2, financial security reduction No. 2; (3) 1450 Hunsicker Road — stormwater management plan, zoned R-1, financial security release; (b) resolutions — (1) Resolution 2021-61 establishing the police pension rate for 2022; (2) Resolution 2021-62, budget transfer; (3) Resolution 2021-63, fee resolution for 2022; (4) Resolution 2021-68, planning module for 1117 McKinley Ave.; (5) Resolution 2021-69, denouncing acts of hate and violence and promoting community peace and unity; (6) Resolution 2021-70, promoting sustainable practices in local government purchasing and operations; (c) Ordinances — (1) Ordinance 2021-03, amending the authority and responsibilities of the township manager-secretary; (2) Resolution 2021-71, establishing compensation of the manager-secretary; (3) Ordinance 2021-21, street dedication (Sunset Ridge Phase II and the Farm on Quarry Road subdivisions; (4) Ordinance 2021-22, adopting a budget for 2022; (d) motions/decisions — (1) motions, 632 Integrity Dr., preliminary/final lot add-on plan, zoned R-1; (2) motion — 406 Friendship Ave., stormwater management ordinance zoned R-3, modification request; (e) acknowledgments — (1) proposed Ordinance 2022-01, street dedication (Grandview Phases I & II).


The West Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13, at the municipal building, 852 Village Road, Lampeter.

Among the agenda items:

— Presentation: Draft comprehensive plan, Lauren Good, Wallace Montgomery.

— Minutes: Approval of minutes: (1) revision to regular meeting of Oct. 11; (2) regular meeting of Nov. 8; (3) budget meeting of Nov. 17.

— Planning matters: (1) Letter of credit reduction — South Pointe; (2) letter of credit reduction — KFG Trucking; (3) ag security request — 879 Eshelman Mill Road.

— Monthly reports: (1) treasurer’s report; (2) public works department report; (3) police department report; (4) community development report; (5) township manager’s report.

— Township administration matters: (1) 2022 budget adoption; (2) Resolution 17-2021 —setting real estate tax rate for 2022; (3) Resolution 18-2021 2022 police pension plan contribution rate; (4) Resolution 19-2021 — appoint deputy tax collector (Lancaster County Treasurer); (5) Resolution 20-2021 —transfer of ARP funds; (6) Resolution 21-2021 — 2022 fee schedule.

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