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Lampeter-Strasburg ranks first in the county in high schools, according to U.S. News & World Report.

When: Board meeting, Oct. 7.

What happened: The board unanimously approved an agreement with Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 to expand the high school’s curriculum for the state’s Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness project. L-S received a $2,000 grant to spread the message of the importance of organ donation to students as part of their health and science classes.

Why it’s important: As part of the process to get a driver’s license, high school students answer the question of whether they want to be a donor for a Pennsylvanian who’s on a transplant waiting list.

Background: Sarah Stuart, the high school’s chairman of health and human services, applied for the mini-grant to increase awareness of the impact of organ donation. According to her grant application, she will co-teach in health and science classes during lessons on lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Discussion will include what organs and tissues can be donated, the importance of good health in relation to our organs and statistics. As adviser to the Scrub Club, Stuart actively will involve students in manning information tables during school lunches and at school events. She also will engage technology education teachers in designing a T-shirt and a vinyl cover for a corn hole game board.

— Donna Walker, LNP Correspondent