Elizabethtown Borough sign

When: Elizabethtown Borough Council meeting, April 1, in person.

What happened: Council discussed a variety of infrastructure projects planned for the coming years and the possible funding sources for each, with federal grants and one-time stimulus funding being the most likely.

Funding: The borough has applied for Community Development Block Grant funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Meanwhile, the borough is waiting to see about possible earmarked funds from U.S. Department of Agriculture grant programs through Congress.

Background: Due to the budget impact of the COVID-19 and construction restrictions imposed by the pandemic last year, work on sewer and sidewalk projects within the borough were either postponed or pushed back. This included work on sanitary sewer replacement on both Groff Avenue and College Avenue.

American Rescue Plan: Elizabethtown can expect about $1.1 million, based on 75% of the borough’s pre-pandemic budget, in direct grants from the recently passed $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, according to Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger. Preliminary guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department, Denlinger said, indicated the borough will have until December 2024 to spend all of the money. It can be applied to a variety of public projects including sewer, water or broadband access. It is unclear yet if stormwater projects can be included, she added.

Other business: Council discussed the possibility of adding speed reduction measures and sidewalks on Groff Avenue. Council also discussed plans for the renovation of the Fun Fort at Elizabethtown Park.

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