New roof planned for Elizabethtown borough office


When: Elizabethtown Borough Council meeting, June 18.

What happened: Borough Council agreed to continue discussion about a proposed resolution supporting racial justice following the protest for Black Lives Matter in Elizabethtown.

Proposal: Council President J. Marc Hershey offered for consideration a resolution declaring support of recent efforts at combating institutionalized racism, committing the council to building a “safe, equitable and just Elizabethtown,” and to demand the same of legislative leaders.

Council reaction: With one council member absent, some members only having received the resolution just before the meeting, and some members of the public calling for stronger language condemning the militia groups present at the June 6 protest, council agreed to further discussion before voting on the resolution.

Comcast deal: Council unanimously reapproved an existing 5-year franchise agreement with Comcast for service to the borough in exchange for 5% of cable revenue.

Rezoning: A zoning hearing prior to the regular meeting resulted in council’s approval of an ordinance changing the mixed-use designation on borough properties greater than one acre. The applicant, Vanguard Development Group, is planning a mixed commercial-residential project at 449 W. High St. The changes would pave the way for the developer to construct a building to be five stories tall with a slight reduction in the number of required parking spaces. No plans have yet been submitted for the project.

Business help amid pandemic: Borough Manager Rebecca Denlinger informed council that staff have begun a business community outreach initiative to investigate ways the borough can help businesses transition back to full operation once COVID-19 restrictions are fully eased.

Sewer improvements: The borough received $200,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds for sewer improvements on East Willow Street between Market and Spruce streets. The Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority facilitated the grant.