The Eastern Lancaster County School District administrative offices are housed in Garden Spot High School.

When: Board meeting, Feb. 10.

What happened: Superintendent Bob Hollister proposed an increase in administration positions at Blue Ball, New Holland and Brecknock elementary schools.

Background: Last month, Jeff Starr abruptly resigned as principal of New Holland Elementary School. Rob Arrick, who served as assistant principal at both New Holland and Blue Ball elementary schools, was named interim principal, succeeding Starr. As of now, the role of assistant principal will remain vacant until a suitable replacement is found.

Elanco principal resigns abruptly after nearly a decade with the district

Why it’s important: Hollister proposed that the role of assistant principal at both New Holland and Blue Ball elementary schools be split into two separate positions, with one assistant principal at each school. Hollister also requested that Brecknock Elementary School receive its own assistant principal. Under this proposal, the district would add two full-time administrative positions and appoint an assistant principal at all three of its elementary schools.

Quotable: “I’ve always been proud of how lean we were administratively, but I think the time has come to provide my elementary principals with a little more support, so they can get out, support our teachers and help them to grow and develop,” Hollister said.

What’s next: This proposal will be discussed as a budget item for the 2020-21 school year. The district expects to adopt a proposed final budget in May and a final budget in June.