McCaskey East

This is McCaskey East High School 1051 Lehigh Ave. in the city of Lancaster.

When: School District of Lancaster board meeting, Nov. 17.

What happened: Board member Robin Goodson spoke briefly about the district’s first school-naming committee meeting held earlier this month.

Background: After community urging, the district had agreed to change school names that have ties to slavery. The 15-member board — comprising Goodson, community members, administrative officials, teachers, parents and a historian — will select new names for Southeast Middle School (formerly Hand Middle School) and Buchanan Elementary School, which is under construction. There is no set schedule yet for when the committee will present new school names to the school board.

Quotable: “I feel the energy is great, and we are moving in the right direction,” said Goodson, who is the committee chairperson, when contacted after the board meeting.

What’s next: The committee has decided to convene virtually at 6 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month. The public can view the meetings livestream via the district website and submit comments.

Environment: The board approved an easement to Lancaster city to restore 1,350 feet of Groff’s Run near McCaskey East High School. The city expects Manheim Township to approve its stormwater management plan for the project. Construction will begin in January with completion expected in July. Portions of the project fall within the township boundaries.

Scope: The $2 million environmental project creates a meandering stream and will include clearing some of the existing woods by the run and substituting them with native riparian seed mixes (to grow plants along stream and river banks), native trees and shrubs on land owned by Lancaster city and the school district, said Cindy McCormick, deputy director of engineering with Lancaster City Public Works, at a Nov. 10 meeting.

School board: The public can attend — with limited seating —  the board’s annual reorganization meeting at 6 p.m., Dec. 1, in the McCaskey East High School media center or watch livestream and submit comments from the district website.