Eden Township building

When: Eden supervisors meeting, Oct. 12, held inside the township garage for social distancing.

What happened: Sam Fisher, of Cornerstone Health Center, addressed supervisors for feedback on building a proposed extended care center at a property on Quarry Edge Drive. Fisher asked supervisors for their input before he presents his plans to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Specs: Fisher said the proposed care facility will serve the Plain community. He said the center will house 10 to 15 patients in individual care rooms, calling it a “comfortable number.” It will operate 24 hours.

Safety concerns: Chair Joe Rineer said Quarry Edge Drive is zoned industrial, in which truck traffic along roads is frequent. Zoning officer Gerry Parker told Fisher the industrial zone prohibits any type of residential dwellings. She added that commercial industrial does allow residential.

Quotable: “Noise is one thing we don’t want,” Fisher said.

November meeting: Supervisor Lawrence Stoltzfus opened discussion on moving the Nov. 9 meeting back to the office of the township building. All supervisors agreed and will still follow social distancing guidelines. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. and will have a conference phone call option. Rineer said the November meeting cannot take place in the township garage because of upcoming cold weather cold and having loaded trucks stored there.

How to do it: Although supervisors agreed, they also bounced ideas on how to maintain social distancing in the office. The maximum capacity of the office is 29 people. Secretary Szilvia Troutman said the room at 20% capacity would be six people.