East Lampeter Township building

East Lampeter Township municipal complex.

When: Supervisors meeting, Jan. 6.

What happened: Supervisors had no change in leadership in their annual reorganization meeting, with Corey Meyer chosen as chairman and John Blowers as vice chairman. The other supervisors are Dave Buckwalter, Glenn Eberly and Ethan Demme.

Speeding concerns: The issue of how to handle speeding drivers on Mount Sidney Road in front of Conestoga Valley High School and in the Eastwood Meadows housing development behind the Wawa on Lincoln Highway East was discussed.

Why it’s important: Susan Snyder, who lives on Mount Sidney Road, said motorists are driving at outrageous speeds all hours of the day and night and the road needs to be patrolled or someone is going to get killed. She said there are lots of young drivers using that road and Amish children who walk along the road, which has virtually no berm. Drivers also have been knocking over mailboxes lately, she said.

Suggestions: Snyder asked that digital speeding signs be placed on the side of the road. She said the last time they were up, one of the signs stopped working. The township budgeted for two new signs this year, which cost $5,000 a piece.

Quotable: “Speeding is very hard for local police to deal with,” said Meyer, who noted local police can’t use radar.

Planned solutions: One way the township is hoping to slow down speeding motorists in the Eastwood Meadows housing development is by first remeasuring and painting lanes. If that doesn't work, they'll try temporary bulbouts, a traffic calming measure which widens the sidewalk for a short distance. A last resort would be rumble strips.

Paperwork: The township has adopted a process residents to report speeding complaints. Residents must fill out a form including signatures representing 30% of properties impacted by the speeding. Each request will be given to the public works director for review and then the police chief, who will obtain crash information about the location. The information then will be presented to the township manager and will be discussed at a public meeting in front of the supervisors.