East Hempfield Township map

When: East Hempfield Township supervisors meeting Nov. 18.

What happened: Supervisors continued a conditional use hearing for a project at 2260 Dairy Road after hearing testimony from representatives of the applicant.

Background: Oak Tree Outdoor Advertising LP wants to put up a billboard on a 10-acre tract in the enterprise zone. A prior billboard at the site was removed six months ago. The new 25-foot-tall billboard would have single 300-square-foot space with LED lighting.

Testimony: In support of the billboard project, the applicant’s representative, Devon Wagner, cited “continuing development throughout the region.”

Next steps: The board will continue the hearing at a future public meeting in December.

Recognition: Supervisors recognized John Risko, who is retiring from the township’s public works crew Nov. 27 after 31 years of service, and James Hackett, who is resigning from the East Hempfield Township Planning Commission after seven years of service.