East Donegal Township building

The East Donegal Township building.

When: Supervisors meeting, Feb. 6.

What happened: The township is on track toward satisfactory compliance with stormwater regulations aimed at improving runoff into streams, an environmental consulting firm told the board.

Background: Municipalities with runoff into streams must apply for a municipal separate storm-sewer system permit as part of the federal Clean Water Act and Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law. Lititz-based LandStudies Inc. has been guiding East Donegal through the process. The township’s stormwater plan involves testing, surveying, education and remediation of stormwater management.

The work: Last year, LandStudies completed 39 inspections of stormwater discharge points from pipes, basins and ditches in an area west of Colebrook Road. Landowners were educated about best management practices to maintain the areas and given actionable items that may need routine work or more substantial remediation. The upcoming year will focus on inspections in an area east of Colebrook Road. Additional testing will take place at 14 known discharge sites as well as at illicit discharge locations. Education of township employees and the public is ongoing. Public participation with a rain garden installation is planned for May.

Other business: The board is accepting applications for a vacant seat on the township Planning Commission. This is an opportunity, supervisors said, for someone to try out the position for a short period before committing to a new full term in January 2021.

— Katcha Neale, LNP Correspondent