Earl Township spells out new stormwater rules

When: Supervisors meeting, Jan. 6.

What happened: Supervisors reelected Rick Kochel as chairman and Ray Martin vice chairman, with Tom Plitt as board member.

Appointments: Brenda Becker, secretary/treasurer; Joy Oberholtzer, assistant secretary/treasurer; Lee Zimmerman, roadmaster; Bill Cassidy, Appel & Yost LLP, borough solicitor; Chuck Haley, ELA Group, borough engineer; Gary Martin, Becker Engineering, secondary engineer; Dale High, sewer enforcement officer; Mark Deimler, Solanco Engineering Association, backup SEO; Matt MaGovern, Technicon Enterprises Inc., zoning officer; Marvin Stauffer, vacancy board member; K. Michael Rose, borough auditor; and Maher Duessel, CPA firm.

Additional appointments: Rick Kochel, planning commission (6-year term); Earl Kenepp, sewer authority (6-year term) with Tom Plitt as municipal representative; Gene Neidermyer, water authority (6-year term); Ed Maser, zoning hearing board (4-year term) with Daryl Hurst as alternate (1-year term); John Yost, county emergency management coordinator (1-year term); Wanda Good, alternate Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau municipal board member for Eastern Lancaster County region.

Vacancies to fill: Supervisors will seek to fill vacancies on the water authority and park and recreation board.