Denver photo

The Denver Borough municipal building is seen.

When: Denver Borough Council meeting, Nov 9.

What happened: Council approved advertising a proposed $3.43 million 2021 budget that increases real estate taxes from 2.66 to 2.79 mills. One mill of tax brings in $237,773.

Cost: The average assessed home price in Denver is $150,000. In 2021, residents owning a home at the average assessed price would see a tax increase of $19.50.

Quotable: “The budget’s biggest driving force is MS4,” borough Manager Mike Hession said after the meeting. MS4 is the federally mandated stormwater management plan. The plan’s goal is reducing pollutants which are contaminating the Chesapeake Bay.

Budget change: Council approved one change to the proposed budget, raising the contribution to the Adamstown Area Library from $12,240, which it has been since 2011, to $13,750. This averages $3.89 per resident. Data collected by the library shows usage by borough residents continues to increase.

Other budget details: Rates for water and sewer will not change in 2021. Water rate is $7.65 per 1,000 gallons. Sewer remains at $11.75 per 1,000 gallons. The borough has $490,000 in reserve in the general fund, $280,000 in the water fund and $500,000 in the sewer fund.

What’s next: The budget is available on the borough website at It’s also available for inspection at the borough office, 500 Main St., during regular business hours. The vote for budget adoption is scheduled for council’s Dec. 14 meeting.

Other business: Cameras at Denver Memorial Park helped catch three juveniles breaking the lock on the electrical box in order to turn on the skatepark lights. The juveniles were identified and will appear before the park board at its next meeting. Hession said that usually in these types of cases the board will ban offenders from the park for one year and assign them costs for property damage.

Future protocol: In the future the park lights will operate on timers so that skateboarders can use the park during evening hours. The borough and Matt Arment, president of Cocalico Alternative Sport Association, have been working together on establishing protocol for evening skateboarding under the lights. For this year, scheduled times under the lights with the use of adult chaperones is occurring.