Denver photo

The Denver Borough municipal building is seen.

When: Denver Borough Council meeting, Aug. 30.

What happened: Council approved formal grant agreement between Denver Borough and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission for water level monitoring equipment.

Background: The borough received a grant for $1,500 to install, maintain or improve water level monitoring at a well along Smokestown Road in the township. The total cost is about $3,000 so it is about a one-to-one match.

Quotable: “The well was running, working fine. It is just now we have a chance to update it and pay half the cost,” Borough Manager Mike Hession said, “so that’s what we are going to do.”

Water, lead issue: There was a discussion concerning the recommendation to contract Hanover Engineering, the borough’s engineer, to identify curb boxes, sanitary sewer features and stormwater inlets the borough’s database for the borough’s lead and copper line project. Hession estimated the cost at $15,000. He said once the borough gets the paperwork back from Hanover the project will begin.

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