Conestoga Valley school

When: Conestoga Valley School board meeting, Feb. 16, via YouTube.

What happened: The board presented an award of excellence to board member John Smucker, who is about to retire from the board after 18 years of service.

Why it’s important: The board anticipates accepting his letter of resignation on March 8, creating a vacancy. Applications will be available on the district website for anyone interested in applying for Smucker’s position.

Quotable: “It’s been a pleasure to serve on the board,” Smucker said.

Spending plan: The board approved the preliminary final budget for the next school year, showing expenditures in the amount of $77.2 million. A 3.47% proposed tax increase exceeds the state’s Act 1 limit of 3%, however the district is seeking an exception to avoid the need for a voter referendum on the increase.

The cost: The budget proposes an increase in millage from the current 14.1526 mills to 14.6427 mills.

What happens next: The budget will be available for public inspection at the district office prior to final adoption, expected at the June 21 board meeting.

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