Conoy Township offices

When: Conoy Township supervisors meeting, Sept. 10.

What happened: Renewed efforts to build a skatepark in Bainbridge got a small boost when the Conoy Township Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to do a feasibility and cost study of the idea. The vote came after the board received a petition asking for such a facility to be built. The vote is not a commitment to build a skatepark, emphasized board Chair Stephen L. Mohr, who along with supervisors Kevin S. McKain and Justin M. Risser joined Martelli in supporting the study. Clyde H. Pickel cast the dissenting vote.

Background: The idea of a skatepark was looked at before but failed to gain traction. Supervisor Gina R. Martelli, who also chairs the township Parks and Recreation Commission, said the idea has been around for seven years. About five years ago, Martelli gathered some rough construction cost estimates, but nothing came of the idea. Martelli envisions a multiuse facility, with the skatepark sharing a paved or concrete slab with an area that could be used for volleyball, tennis or pickleball. A fence dividing the space in warmer weather would be removed in the winter to allow the area to be flooded for ice skating.

Why it matters: Skateboarders are now using the streets and sidewalks, creating what Martelli says is a dangerous situation. “We need to do something or somebody is going to get killed on the road,” she told the board.

Quotable: “These petitions won’t amount to squat when we tell the people we have to put a tax on to cover the expense,” Mohr said. “If they get enough support, I’ll support it, but we’ve got to find out what the cost is going to be.”

What is next: The supervisors hope to complete the study in time to be able to consider budgeting some of the costs in the 2021 budget should they decide to go ahead with the project. The budget will be approved in November.