Columbia Borough building

When: Council Borough Council work session, July 7.

What happened: Borough Council discussed hiring car leasing service Enterprise Fleet Management to manage 28 borough vehicles. John A. Santoro of Enterprise said the service could save the borough an estimated $617,849 in the next 10 years.

Background: Currently, the borough manages its own vehicles, such as emergency and public works vehicles. Borough employees manage vehicle maintenance and resale in addition to their other responsibilities.

Why it matters: If hired, Enterprise would transition the borough to a model in which all cars are leased, rather than owned, and resold for maximum potential equity based on age and value. The service’s proposal for Columbia includes reducing the fleet from 28 vehicles to 24 and gradually selling off the borough’s owned vehicles in favor of leased ones over the next few years. Santoro said this would shorten the average vehicle life cycle from seven to five years, preventing issues with older vehicles such as higher fuel and maintenance costs as well as repair needs leading to loss of productivity. Enterprise would handle the buying, selling and maintenance of the vehicles.

Case study: Santoro presented a case study of Enterprise’s work in Lackawanna County, where he said the service took over management of 71 government vehicles and now saves the county over $95,000 annually.

What’s next: Council members agreed they were interested in the service and may review a formal proposal for contracting with Enterprise Fleet Management at the July 28 council meeting.