Colerain Township Municipal Building

The Colerain Township Municipal Building.

When: Colerain Township Supervisors meeting, Feb. 17.

What happened: Township supervisors are looking at a new fee list to cover subdivision and land development plan costs.

Background:  The new fees are calculated based on the average time it takes township staff to handle the paperwork involved in each item.

Why it’s important: The new fee will ensure the township’s actual costs are covered, and ensure that similar operations have the same cost.

What happens next:  The board will review the proposed fee schedule with an eye toward possible adoption in the next few months. Other fee lists, including zoning fees may also be revised in the near future.

Other happenings: Board Chairman Scott Shoemaker reported on the regional comprehensive plan southern Lancaster County municipalities are crafting with the county Planning Commission. Although they will be working from the same basic concept, each township will have the opportunity to make changes to the plan to suit their individual needs.

Quotable: “From what I’ve seen we would be foolish not to go in on this. It will save us time, money, and aggravation,” Shoemaker said.

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