Coatesville, Chester County

With 754 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city, Coatesville City Council Jan. 11 voted unanimously to continue its December emergency declaration, meaning citizens must continue to take strict precautions at least until Feb. 10.

Residents are required to wear masks in public, avoid gatherings and to continue to maintain recommended social distancing and sanitation measures. Noting there have been six deaths because of COVID-19, council members also offered prayers to heal and protect citizens.

Joseph DiScuillo, chairman of the Coatesville Redevelopment Authority, attended the meeting to announce the city has received a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Revitalization Assistance Program to help pay for the 480-car parking garage planned for the planned new train station at Fleetwood Street and Fourth Avenue.

DiScuillo called the grant a collaborative effort between the Second Century Alliance, grant writer EconPartners, and state and federal legislators.

With outdoor spaces continuing to be important to citizens during the pandemic, Karen Clancy of Natural Lands told council of plans for upgrades to both Palmer and Ash parks. Clancy said Palmer Park will have new sidewalks, lighting, playground equipment, furniture and a pavilion. The project will be bid in March, with completion this summer.

Clancy said a feasibility study determined a new pool is too costly for Ash Park. Since the park has flooding problems, engineers will soon be performing ground testing and will make remediation recommendations.

Police Chief Jack Laufer thanked Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan for committing to pay one year of a Coatesville Police Department detective’s salary to work with the county Drug Task Force. Ryan also gave the department a $14,000 grant to purchase two additional street surveillance cameras.

Laufer and council members also thanked and honored patrol Sergeant Steve Smith, who is retiring Jan. 18 after 20 years with Coatesville Police Department.

City Manager James Logan also reported citizens may assist a Martin Luther King Day of Service project Jan. 18 at the W.C. Atkinson Memorial Services Center. The center is in need of both donations and beautification.

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