Clay Township building

The Clay Township Municipal Building.

When: Supervisors meeting, Sept. 9.

What happened: Supervisors heard a disagreement between neighbors over a 6-foot privacy fence. Jason Brubacker, of 945 Hopeland Road, said he erected the solid fence of wood slats for privacy and to block his view of trash, including tires, lying by pine trees between his and another property. But Verna Schmuck, who lives next door at 955 Hopeland Road, said the fence totally blocks her view of the road from her patio.

Township rules: While the fence violates ordinances, supervisors sought a compromise that would not penalize Brubacker for making an honest mistake. Brubacker rejected suggestions such as removing every over slat and trimming a foot off the fence. Schmuck wasn’t satisfied with removing the first two 8-foot sections of the fence and urged supervisors to enforce township regulations.

Compromise: Supervisors suggested the two property owners get together and agree on a solution. Supervisor Gary Landis told Brubacker that he must “realize that if no agreement is reached, everything has to meet the rules.”

What’s next: Chairman Tim Lausch Lausch asked the two parties to bring back some sort of agreement to the next meeting. A sketch also was requested.

Other business: Board members were updated on badly needed sewer line repairs in the Hopeland area. Township engineer Bob Lynn told the board that the township’s cost was estimated at $26,550 but could exceed $30,000 once excavation has begun and the full extent of repairs is assessed. Bids for the job will go out soon and be opened in November with work to finished next spring. Some issues are the financial responsibility of property owners, who will be notified soon.