Josh Maxwell

The Chester County commissioners helped to organize an event Sept. 8 and 9 to connect residents impacted by Hurricane Ida with staff from over 30 disaster relief agencies. A local Declaration of Disaster Emergency is effective in the area through Sept. 16. 

Chester County commissioners on Thursday approved a local Declaration of Disaster Emergency effective through Sept. 16.

The declaration allows the county’s director of emergency services to coordinate an emergency response following the impacts of Hurricane Ida, according to a press release.

Under the declaration, the county is better equipped to address bridges that have been closed since the region endured heavy rainfall, flooding and an EF2 tornado on Sept. 1. Chester County administrator Bobby Kagel said 10 county-owned bridges are closed due to either structural or road damage.

“This Declaration of Disaster Emergency allows us to move forward quickly in renting necessary equipment, purchasing supplies and materials, and employing temporary workers, as needed, to prioritize the repair, or in some instances, replacement of our bridges,” Kagel said.

The county hosted a resource center with over 30 nonprofit disaster relief organizations to assist residents Wednesday and Thursday.

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