Caernarvon Township sign

When: Caernarvon supervisors meeting, Sept. 14.

What happened: Supervisors unanimously approved a plan to install security cameras at Historic Poole Forge.

Background: The board had previously considered installing security cameras at the park but decided it was too expensive. Dawn Ekdahl, director of Historic Poole Forge, asked supervisors to reconsider purchasing cameras after an influx of visitors due to COVID-19 led to an increase in graffiti and other prohibited behavior.

Details: The planned system will have cameras in the playground, pavilion, covered bridge, mansion and parking areas. The system will have the ability to capture license plate numbers. The township is paying SL Technology approximately $19,000 to purchase and install the cameras.

Next steps: After the system is installed, the township will place signs around the park alerting visitors to the presence of security cameras. Supervisors are expecting software updates to cost roughly $200 annually.

Quotable: “This isn’t something to skimp on. If you’re going to do it, do it right,” Chairman Bob Lauffer said on the cost of security cameras.

Other business: Responding to a resident’s question about a proposal by a medical marijuana company to open a dispensary in the township, Lauffer confirmed the company, Cresco Yeltrah, had withdrawn its application for the zoning process needed to open the dispensary. Lauffer said Cresco Yeltrah’s attorney told the township the company does not intend to resubmit the plan but did not say why the application was withdrawn.