Brecknock Township municipal building sign

When: Brecknock Township supervisors meeting, Sept. 8.

What happened: The township approved drafting a social media policy.

Background: At a time where social media is more prevalent than ever, social platforms aren’t leveraged enough in the public sector, Brecknock officials recognize. The township is now among a list of municipalities to change that. Until now, because of the community’s mostly rural demographic, this northeastern Lancaster County hasn’t had any social media presence.

Why it matters: Supervisors are now looking to integrate the effective use of social media for the township’s benefit. Social media provides accessibility to various individuals within and outside the limits of Brecknock Township. It also assures that information is delivered promptly and can maintain accuracy. Additionally, having a township social media page allows a direct communication between officials and residents.

What to expect: Brecknock officials are approaching the new addition carefully. Township information and events will be publicly advertised on Facebook, and will be monitored regularly.

Other business: The board approved a motion to amend the township’s amusement tax. In an effort to generate more revenue for the park and recreation department, Chairman Jerry Long proposed the tax. Currently, the rate is set to 10% and has only been applied to golf courses. The proposed tax calls for a 2% charge to be applied at admission for campgrounds that have recreational amenities such as pools and waterslides.

Next meeting: The next supervisors meeting will be on Oct. 13.