Akron Borough building.

When: Akron Borough Council meeting, April 12.

What happened: Akron Borough Council is now represented by the Lancaster law firm of Nikolaus & Hohenadel, with fee for services set at $150 per hour. The attorney assigned to Akron is Ed Brown. The appointment was effective at the April 12 meeting.

The process: Council interviewed two firms for the job, the other being Morgan Hallgren Crosswell & Kane. Council President Nathan Imhoff said both gave strong presentations. “But it was like a personality thing with us and we felt we could work well with Ed. We liked some of the passion he brought to the table.”

Background: Previously the borough had been served for many years by Kenelm Shirk whose services with the borough ended after he was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police on Jan. 21 and accused with making terroristic threats. Federal prosecutors later announced the single charge of threatening to murder Democratic U.S. senators. A grand jury indicted Shirk on Feb. 3. Since Feb. 1, Akron had been represented by the Harrisburg firm of Eckert Seamans whose rate is $255 per hour.

Storybook Trail: Council approved a request by the Ephrata Public Library to install its Storybook Trail in Roland Memorial Park. The trail will start at The Pines playground, follow the path between the two baseball fields then swing around behind the tennis courts before making its way back to the playground. The trail will consist of about 20 posts planted in the ground, each holding part of a story, and children will follow the trail from post to post.  The library will bear the cost of the posts, which is about $6,000, but Imhoff said the borough’s public works department will place them into the ground along the trail.

Paving contract: Akron awarded a $47,236 contract to rebuild and pave the borough-owned driveway and parking lot at the Akron Volunteer Fire Company building to CPA Pavement Services of Harrisburg. The cost will be $47,236.18.

What’s next: Council  will meet at 6:30 April 26 at the borough hall.

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